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Top 4 Tips for Senior Fall Prevention

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While the vast majority of seniors would prefer to live at home, many houses pose mobility hazards for seniors. If your elderly loved one lives at home, but you’re concerned that he or she is at risk of falling, there are steps you can take to make the house safer. The Bloomfield senior care experts at Home Care Assistance present the following four tips for making a senior’s home safer.

1. Declutter Areas
To prevent tripping and falling, keeping your senior loved one’s walking areas free of clutter is key. Since small objects like a pet’s toy or a piece of paper can cause a senior to slip, it’s important to clear the floor of all stray objects. Old and frayed rugs can sometimes catch shoes or mobility devices, like canes and walkers, and lead to spills. To avoid having your loved one’s clothing catch on the sharp edges of furniture and put him or her off balance, push tables and couches out of walking paths.

2. Add Lighting
Age-related vision conditions can lead to difficulty seeing in dim spaces. To make sure your loved one’s home is bright enough for him or her to navigate, install new light bulbs in old lamps and ceiling lights, and consider purchasing new lamps that spread a lot of light. With this additional lighting, your loved one will be less likely to slip or trip on unseen objects. Likewise, keeping nightlights plugged in strategic locations throughout the home can provide a clear visual pathway if your loved one gets up during the night.

3. Install Grab Bars
When a family member or hourly caregiver in Bloomfield isn’t available to assist your loved one, grab bars can be helpful. Typically used to provide extra support in the shower, bathtub, and beside commodes, safety bars can be installed throughout the home to help ensure your loved one can sit and stand safely and steadily. As grab bars are inexpensive and easy to install, you can purchase a number of these bars in varying lengths and widths to fit the specific needs of your senior throughout the house.

4. Reorganize Shelves
Rearranging food, plates, and utensils in the kitchen for easier access can help your senior avoid falling when reaching for high objects. Consider lowering food items and other kitchen supplies to shelves that are at least eye level or lower, or place them in drawers for easier access. Likewise, shuffle around your loved one’s closet and bathroom cabinets to help ensure that he or she will not need to use a step stool to reach what he or she needs.

Trying to find ways to keep your loved one safe? Home Care Assistance can help. Our professional caregivers can assist your loved one with a variety of tasks, including meal preparation, cleaning, and transportation, and can help ensure that your loved one doesn’t slip or fall in the process. If you’re concerned that cognitive challenges are putting your elderly loved one at risk for falls, our dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers in Bloomfield can also provide mobility assistance, safety monitoring, and 24-hour availability. To learn more about how in-home care can benefit your loved one, give a Care Manager a call at 248.283.0835 and schedule a free no-obligation consultation.