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The Health Benefits of Sharing Your Story

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Growing old is something that so many people fear. They’re worried that they’ll lose themselves or that they’ll become a burden upon their families. However, it’s helpful to remember that aging individuals were once revered and promoted by society to share their stories in order to pass on wisdom. This provided elderly people from all backgrounds and walks of life the opportunity to share their life experiences which we now know has some profound health benefits, especially for seniors living today.

The long-forgotten beauty of storytelling is that it benefits not only the listener, but also the one telling the story. Join West Bloomfield Senior Care in exploring why aging adults have routinely been promoted to share past memories and lessons and how sharing is able to promote longer, happier lives with fewer medical complications.

The Simple Benefits of Sharing Your Story

For aging adults, sharing everything from little triumphs to big life-changing stories can be beneficial in multiple ways, one of which is improving clarity of mind. Studies have found that mental exercise works to deter things like hardening of the myelin sheaths (which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease), can reduce the rate of mental conditions such as dementia, and sharpen mental acuity enhancing both mental processing and memory.

As if you need more reasons to engage in fun story-telling time, medical conditions common to aging adults like depression, lethargy and even high blood pressure can be reduced by talking about memories, thoughts and beliefs with like-minded individuals.

Programs Dedicated to Helping You Share Your Tales

The best way to share your story or to encourage your aging loved ones to do so is to help them find a local organization filled with like-minded individuals. This will provide a position of respect and a social atmosphere that can help push back the tides of aging.

  • The Bloomfield Hills Schools’ Legacy Program matches senior volunteers with Eastover Elementary School students. These young students thoroughly enjoy interacting with mature adults who are able to share their stories, experiences and expertise.
  • There is also ample opportunity to chat, share and socialize with other like minded individuals at the local Bloomfield Township Senior Center during classes and day trips.
  • If leaving the house is not an option, utilize the online resources at The Social Voice Project allows people of any age to record their story online, preserving it for a lifetime.

Storytelling – whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone, on paper or online – has the power to bridge generational and cultural gaps. No matter our age, we all have something to say, a story to tell, or life lessons learned that could help someone else. If you or an aging loved one are looking for a social outlet, contact Home Care Assistance in Bloomfield. Our 24/7 or hourly Bloomfield caregivers serve as the perfect social companions and can also provide transportation to alternate social activities where seniors are encouraged to share.

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