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Modifying Your Home for an Aging Loved One

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Creating a home that is safe and welcoming for your elderly loved one is the key to giving them the best quality of life. Whether you’ve made the choice to invite an aging parent to live with you or are able to have peace of mind as they remain in their own home with a 24/7 live-in West Bloomfield caregiver, some minor changes can make a huge difference in ensuring they stay safe and independent. Here are some of our recommendations on the most worthwhile in-home modifications that you can make for your aging loved one.

Toileting and Bathing

An overwhelming number of accidents involving seniors happen in the bathroom, making this room the most dangerous in the home. Modifying your bathroom is one of the best ways you can protect your aging senior. Install grab bars, bath seats and non-slip floor mats in the shower to help them maintain their balance while bathing. A walk-in tub is ideal for seniors that use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Install specialty toilet seats that allow your senior to use the toilet without the risk of slipping and falling. Rails and raised seats are easy to find at almost any pharmacy and are quick and inexpensive to install. It’s also important to remember to use non-slip rugs throughout the entire house.

Sleeping and Dressing

Your loved one’s sleeping and dressing area should be outfitted to make it easily accessible. If possible, locate their bedroom on the first floor or use a stair lift to make getting to bed easier. Lowering bed frames or using a hospital bed can make mobility easier for them. Handrails are also recommended near the bed or make sure they have access to a cane or mobility device. If they need to get up in the middle of the night, and don’t have the assistance of one of Bloomfield’s overnight in-home caregivers, installing nightlights throughout the hallways can help seniors avoid dangerous falls and disorientation.

When it comes to modifying your home to meet the needs of an aging senior, making just a few simple changes can make all of the difference in their overall quality of life. For additional help, contact Home Care Assistance of Bloomfield for reliable hourly and 24/7 senior care. We provide in-home non-medical care and assistance with dressing, feeding bathing and much more. We treat your loved one with dignity while encouraging independence, helping them to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of home.