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5 Safe Outings for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean your senior loved one should stop engaging in fun activities outside of the home. There are many things he or she can do with you and other family caregivers. Here are some safe outings your loved one can enjoy while living with Alzheimer’s disease. 

1. Bingo Games

Take your loved one to the local hall for a game of bingo. This outing could reinforce his or her social skills and behavior. Remind your loved one that he or she doesn’t need to remember the rules of the game. Instead, encourage him or her to have fun and enjoy the social setting. Being social is a great way for seniors with Alzheimer’s to keep their brains active and stimulate connections between brain cells. 

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2. Crafting Workshops

Taking your loved one to a crafting workshop allows him or her to be creative without worrying about following the rules. For example, your loved one’s crafts do not need to be the same as others because he or she is being creative. By taking your loved one to these workshops, you can help him or her explore emotions through creativity.

3. Museum Trips 

Although regular routines offer familiarity and structure for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, you should allow your loved one to explore new places and things. For example, going to a museum could boost his or her self-esteem and offer a sense of self through discovery. Your loved one will be able to tap into what is going on around him or her at the museum. Visiting museums could also spark memories when looking at the old paintings or artifacts. 

4. Nature Walks 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s who participate in exercise may sleep for longer and have better continence, mobility, and eating habits. The best form of exercise for seniors with this disease is walking. Going on a nature walk with your loved one can provide mental and spiritual relief. Increasing physical and mental activity could slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. 

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5. Concerts 

Music has been known to help seniors with Alzheimer’s disease recall memories. Plan an outing to a community concert in the park, a senior center, or another local venue where a concert is taking place. Choose a concert that attracts smaller crowds to prevent your loved one from becoming irritated and confused. This is a great choice for an outing because musical rhythm can lead to brain stimulation. Moving the legs and arms to the rhythm of the music can boost motor skills.

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