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New Stroke Rehab Therapies for Seniors

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The number one priority of Home Care Assistance of Bloomfield is to provide the best care possible to seniors, and part of that is informing senior caregivers of new and innovative recovery aids. If your loved one has had a stroke, you’re probably on the hunt for top-notch rehabilitation therapy. Here are a few new rehabilitation therapies that can help your loved one overcome some of the physical difficulties he or she may be facing post-stroke.

The new Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform (SynPhNe) is a device that can help stroke patients recover as much as 70 percent of their motor function, helping them improve their capacity to perform daily tasks. The SynPhNe works by providing insight on how an individual’s brain is interacting with their body so they can pinpoint how to improve the next time around.

Robotic devices help increase movement for arms or legs that have been paralyzed. They are machines that help the stroke patient go through repetitive motions. There are different devices, depending on whether an arm or leg (or both) have been affected by a stroke. Over time, this can help bring back functional movement of the affected limb and increase your loved one’s ability to do normal daily activities.

Virtual Reality
Another new stroke rehab therapy involves the use of computers displaying an environment. Your loved one can use this kind of program to practice their motions, thereby increasing the movement in their affected limb or limbs. This is a great way for your loved one to gain strength and control while limiting the difficulties and frustrations of recovery because they’re able see their progress and monitor results.

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