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Keeping Elderly Loved Ones Motivated to Stay Healthy

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Some people think slowing down is a natural part of aging, and while some activities may need to be modified as time passes, it’s very important for seniors to keep active and maintain healthy habits. Here are a few ways to encourage your elderly loved one to stay healthy, brought to you by the senior care experts at Bloomfield Home Care Assistance.

Set Aside Time with Grandchildren

Talk to your loved one about happy social events like birthday celebrations, holidays, or day trips that may involve younger children in the family. Encourage spending time with grandchildren and point out all the milestones he or she will want to be around to see like first communions, school graduations, or even learning to walk or talk.

Make Healthy Habits a Family Affair

Have your entire family practice good eating habits alongside your loved one. Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. If everyone else is eating healthy, it won’t seem like he or she is missing out on anything by joining in. Encourage exercise by taking a water aerobics class together or going for walks after dinner.

Introduce Others in Similar Circumstances

Sometimes just seeing other people of similar age and health being active can give a senior the motivation to stay healthy. Your loved one may thinkhe or she is too old or ill to make healthy choices, but seeing someone else who is 70 and had knee replacement, but still likes to play golf or do yoga can be a good incentive.

Encourage Independence

The feeling of losing independence can lead to depression, giving many seniorsfewer reasons to care about staying healthy. Encourage trying different activities until your loved one finds a really enjoyable one he or she can do independently. Cook healthy meals together, and choose the menu with his or her input.

Even if you don’t initially succeed in motivating your loved one to improve his or her health, don’t give up. There are many ways this motivation can be accomplished, and the companionship of a part-time caregiver in Bloomfield might be the perfect solution. The caregivers at Home Care Assistance are expertly trained in the Balanced Care Method, which promotes healthy lifestyle choices through diet, physical and mental activity, and purpose and calm. For more information on our senior care services, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 248.283.0835 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation.