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Modifying Your Home for Senior Care

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You want your elderly loved one to feel comfortable and confident when receiving home care in Bloomfield, which is why you should make some home modifications that can benefit him or her. These modifications not only allow your loved one to retain independence, but the changes can also make the home safer for senior care. 


If your loved one uses a wheelchair, you may need to improve the accessibility within your home. To achieve this, you can make doorways wider, which clears space and makes it easier for a wheelchair to pass through. Installing a ramp above small sets of stairs is also a good idea. You can also lower the heights of sinks and countertops, giving your loved one the ability to access these areas without your assistance. 


Visibility is extremely important when modifying your home for senior care. As your loved one ages, he or she may experience a decrease in vision, which is why you should install bright lighting within your home. There should be sufficient lighting above all of the stairs in your home. Also, be sure to place flashlights throughout the home in case of power outages. 


The modifications listed below can help you make the kitchen safer and more comfortable for your loved one to use when cooking or enjoying a meal:

• D-shaped cabinet handles, which are easier for seniors to grasp

• Pull-down shelving 

• Natural, softer flooring, which can reduce foot and back strain when standing 

• Elevated dishwashers 

• Under-cabinet task lighting 


The bathroom is one area within the home where you may need to make several modifications such as installing a handheld shower attachment. It is a good idea to have a shower bench or bathtub seat installed in your bathroom, making it easier for your loved one to take showers when sitting down and reducing the risk of falling or slipping.

Are you looking for other ways to keep your loved one safe? Turn to Home Care Assistance for live-in and hourly care Bloomfield families can rely on. Our professional caregivers are available 24 hours a day to provide mobility assistance and safety monitoring and help with a wide variety of daily tasks. To learn more about how our senior care services can benefit your loved one, give a Care Manager a call at 248.283.0835 today.