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Helping an Aging Parent Survive a Hip Fracture

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Did you know that more than 300,000 seniors suffer from a hip fracture each year? Because this number is alarmingly high, we felt it would be relevant to share information about what family members can do after an aging parent has suffered a hip fracture.

Hip fractures generally require surgery, which requires a period of rehabilitation. The time frame for a complete recovery varies from six months to a year, dependent on a variety of factors that are unique to each individual. While this can be a challenging time for your aging loved one, there are several ways to help them through the rehabilitation period as they work toward a goal of returning to their normal routine.

As a leading provider of senior home care in West Bloomfield, we can confidently say that your role as a caregiver begins during your loved one’s hospital stay. During this time, which can range anywhere from 3 to 5 days, it will be your job to gain as much information as possible about the recovery period and to schedule any required follow up appointments. It is best to be there in person so you can facilitate the communication between your parent and their surgeon. If your parent is being given pain medication, that may affect their ability to fully understand what the doctor tells them.

You will also need to take steps to make your parent’s living environment safer. Reducing the risk of falls is extremely important. You should remove throw rugs from their home, add safety features such as grab bars to the bathroom and increase the lighting in areas such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. You should also add handrails to stairways and steps. Non-slip rugs in the bathroom, kitchen and entry way can also help reduce the risk of your parent slipping.

Circumstances vary from person to person when it comes to whether they go directly home from the hospital or to a rehabilitation facility. In either case, you parent needs your support and encouragement. If they are receiving therapy at home, the therapist will advise you as to the activity level and exercises that are safe and beneficial to their recovery.

If you are providing care for your parent during their recovery period, resist the temptation to do things for them that are able to do without assistance. Patience is essential, but will help them regain functionality and mobility after their surgery. While you want to help as much as possible, even the most loving and devoted families may not be equipped or have the time to provide 24 hour care during the rehabilitation period. If this is the case, seek out professional live-in care in West Bloomfield so a trained, compassionate and professional individual will be there to help with activities of daily living, while ensuring comfort and safety.

Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of in-home care in West Bloomfield. Our flexible care plans are each tailored to the unique needs of our senior clients and are available for West Bloomfield hourly care or can be utilized on an around the clock basis for overnight monitoring and support. To further discuss the care needs of your aging parent or loved one, reach out to a Care Manager today at 248.283.0835 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.