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Preventing a Second Fall

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Fall prevention is essential for senior adults who are more vulnerable to lingering effects from a serious injury. In some instances, the injuries sustained during a fall can be serious enough to hinder a person’s ability to manage their daily tasks independently. If your loved one has recently had the misfortune of falling, yet was fortunate enough to emerge relatively unscathed, it is important to be proactive and take steps now to prevent a second occurrence.

After a fall, one of the first things you should do is sit down with your loved one as a family. Together, share some of the concerns you have and discuss the events that led up to the fall. During this initial discussion, it can be helpful to ask questions regarding your loved one’s living arrangements and take an assessment of their home’s layout. Then, you can use this information to develop a fall prevention plan. Don’t know where to start? Click here for information about live-in care plans for seniors in West Bloomfield and continue reading for the basic measures that should always be taken after a fall.

In your loved one’s fall prevention plan, it is important to outline several different ways that falls can be prevented. First, determine if they may benefit from assistive devices or modifications to their home such as handrails along walkways or an access ramp to help them over an entry-way step. Second, make sure that the home has adequate lighting so that your loved one has a clear and visible pathway throughout their living area. Third, talk about wearing non-skid shoes and using a mobility device if necessary.

As you discuss the fall prevention plan with your loved one, it may also be helpful to ask if they need assistance with some of their daily tasks. In instances where a fall occurred while getting out of bed or bathing, your loved one may welcome the idea of having a compassionate part time home caregiver to assist with their personal needs. Oftentimes, the presence of a professional caregiver gives seniors the confidence they need to continue with their daily routines as they know assistance is always available.

By taking the time to reassure your loved one that your family is willing to help them prevent a fall, you will be able to ensure their health and safety as they move about their home. For more information about West Bloomfield home care from Home Care Assistance, click here or dial 428-283-0835. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of in-home care and offers specialized services designed to help ensure a smooth transition home after a hospitalization or fall. Our phone lines are open 24/7 and our Care Mangers can answer any of your questions and can also help you schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.