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Dementia Care

Custom Dementia Care for Bloomfield Hills Seniors

Dementia patients experience a severe loss of mental functions including thinking, remembering and reasoning, that can interfere with the performance of activities in their daily life.  Unfortunately, 5.1 million people suffer from dementia, with the majority being senior adults who experience the symptoms after the age of 60.  If your loved one suffers from a form of dementia and you are concerned about their health, well-being and safety at home, Home Care Assistance of Bloomfield Hills provides in-home dementia care and assistance for seniors. Our specialty dementia care services include:

  • Thorough consultation with our client, their family and their doctors
  • A specialized care plan tailored to meet physical and psychological needs
  • Assistance with daily tasks and personal hygiene
  • Maximized safety with one-on-one care and 24/7 supervision
  • Promotion of overall health through physical exercise and nutritious meal preparation
  • Companionship, emotional support and encouragement

Helping Dementia Patients to Manage Their Symptoms

Early symptoms of dementia include memory loss, language problems and loss of social skills.  As the disease progresses, seniors experience extreme difficulty performing routine tasks such as cooking or choosing proper clothing. Some patients also suffer from inappropriate outbursts, hallucinations, paranoia and violent behavior.

Throughout each stage of the disease, new challenges are presented for dementia patients and their families.  Coping with these changing levels of ability and new patterns of behavior are stressful and overwhelming.  Home Care Assistance of Bloomfield Hills provides respite to dementia patients and their families, providing quality assistance and invaluable companionship.  We offer services that focus on our individual client and strive to provide emotional support to help families cope as well.

Quality Dementia Care Offered on a Flexible Schedule

Our specialty dementia care plans are offered on an hourly or full time basis.  If your loved one requires assistance with household chores or needs transportation for scheduled appointments, our hourly service will meet their needs.  Seniors in the later stages of dementia who require twenty four hour care benefit from our live-in care option where a professional and reliable caregiver is at the home to provide assistance and support.  In-home care services help maximize the comfort of our clients by allowing them to remain in their home, surrounded by their personal belongings.  At Home Care Assistance in Bloomfield Hills, MI we understand the complexities of dementia and provide the specialty care required for maintaining overall health and happiness.

Provide your loved one with dementia with the care they deserve.  Call us at 248.283.0835 and speak with a Care Manager to discuss our flexible dementia care plans.