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5 Mentally Stimulating Board Games for Older Adults

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Various studies have shown that playing board games can be beneficial to older adults. In addition to enhancing their cognitive abilities, these games also give them a chance to socialize with friends and family members. Seniors who want to challenge their ingenuity and critical thinking skills should consider playing these five popular board games. 

1. Clue

This board game was first released in 1949, and it has sold over three million copies since then. For those who aren’t familiar with this game, the goal is to solve a murder using various clues found on playing cards. It is one of the most challenging games seniors can play, and it can boost their problem-solving skills and short-term memory. Clue can be beaten in many ways, which means players are sure to enjoy this game dozens of times without getting bored.

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2. Chess

Very few board games are as popular, recognizable, and challenging as chess. The basic rules of chess are relatively easy to understand, and a player can enjoy this game for years. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that seniors who regularly played chess were less likely to develop dementia. This popular board game has also been shown to enhance creativity because it stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time. 

3. Checkers

Some seniors find complicated games such as chess overwhelming. Checkers offers many of the same cognitive benefits as chess, but the rules are much easier to follow. Seniors only need a checkered board and a handful of pieces to play this traditional game. Those who want to save money can even design and decorate their own boards and pieces with a few household supplies. 

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4. Monopoly

Even though the original Monopoly was based on Atlantic City, it now comes in dozens of different themes, ranging from the NFL edition to a space edition. This game does have quite a few rules, but learning the basic concepts generally only takes a few turns. While seniors are playing this game, they will need to think multiple moves ahead and guess the various strategies of their opponents. When playing by the traditional rules, a single game can last for a few hours.

5. Diplomacy

Those who enjoy social games that require ongoing interaction between the players should consider playing Diplomacy. Allan B. Calhamer first released this game in 1959, and it was one of the few tactical games that relied on negotiations and politics instead of violence. Those who master the original game can easily transition to variants such as the Machiavelli or Colonial Negotiations editions. The social aspect of Diplomacy makes it a great game for seniors who wish to spend more time with family members and peers.

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