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Black Friday Gifts Perfect for Your Elderly Loved One

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Black Friday is coming, which means it’s time to think about getting the perfect gift for your senior loved one at a fabulous price. Bloomfield caregivers recommend this selection of great gift ideas that may make your loved one’s life easier.

Electric Shovel 

Your loved one may want to clear the snow from his or her outside stairs, but he or she may not have the back or arm strength to do it anymore. A lightweight electric shovel could be a great alternative for your loved one. Electric shovels are capable of removing up to six inches of heavy snow from hard surfaces like walkways and patios. The compact size of this type of shovel also makes it easy to store. 

Blankets or Throws 

Almost all Black Friday sales offer incredible deals on a variety of blankets or throws. This may seem like an obvious gift choice, but you can never go wrong with a luxurious blanket or even an electric one. You could also personalize the throw with pictures or family names. It’s a gift choice that can warm your loved one’s aging body as well as his or her soul.

Robotic Vacuum 

Your loved one may find it difficult to push around a standard vacuum. A robotic vacuum can clean up to two rooms on one battery charge. Your loved one only has to press start and watch the robotic vacuum do its job. When it needs to be recharged or is done vacuuming, it automatically returns to the charging station.


In many ways, all-in-one tablets are tailored for seniors. These devices feature large print options and easy-to-use touchscreens. Plus, the social connection a tablet can offer your loved one is also important. If working a tablet intimidates your loved one, you can easily teach him or her how to use it. He or she can also use a tablet for entertainment, playing brain-exercising games, and medication management.

Keeping your loved one’s wants and needs in mind when selecting gifts can help ensure you pick a present he or she will love. One special gift that can’t be found in stores, but is perfect for any time of year, is service from a professional caregiver. For at-home care Bloomfield families trust, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can assist your loved one with a wide variety of tasks, including cleaning, medication reminders, cooking, and bathing. For more information, call a Care Manager today at 248.283.0835.