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How to Avoid Senior Post-Surgery Complications

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Post-surgery complications are problems that affect an alarming number of seniors each year. Those over 65 are at greater risk of infection, blood clots and immobility, following both minor and major surgical procedures. These complications can be devastating to seniors, leading to decreased quality of life and serious heath repercussions. Fortunately, there are ways to decrease and even prevent many of the issues that can arise after surgery.

  1. Disease Management – Chronic health conditions are more prevalent in the elder generation and can contribute to post-surgery complications if poorly controlled. These conditions can lead to delayed healing and infection, making increased monitoring of pre-existing health conditions extremely important to effectively prevent complications after surgery. For seniors with a chronic health condition, click here and learn more about hourly care and how a part-time caregiver in West Bloomfield can help monitor health and assist with activities of daily living during home recovery.
  2. Pain Control – Another common cause for complications following surgery for senior adults is inadequate pain control. The senior may not participate in prescribed activities or allow the surgical wound to be properly cleaned due to pain, which can cause infection. Some older adults may even be reluctant to take medications out of fear of becoming “hooked” on the substance. Family and caregivers in West Bloomfield can help by providing reassurance and frequently assessing the senior’s comfort and pain levels.
  3. The Need for Education – A lack of education regarding post-operative care is among the leading causes of infection, increased pain and immobility for seniors. Instructions can be confusing, especially if the doctor and other health care staff does not fully explain or overuses medical or technical jargon. Asking questions to clarify any potential misunderstandings can help prevent complications and can provide peace of mind. Even after the senior has returned home, it is perfectly acceptable to call the surgical center or physician office with any concerns that may have come about.

If you or an aging parent or loved one have recently undergone surgery or hospitalization or have an upcoming appointment scheduled and you are in need of post-hospital care, contact West Bloomfield Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of in-home care and have a team of highly trained and qualified caregivers who can assist with everything from transportation to the appointment and bedside assistance to help around the home after surgery and accompaniment to follow up appointments.

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