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5 Resolutions to Make 2015 the Best Year for Caregivers and Seniors

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The New Year is officially here and it’s the perfect time for seniors and caregivers to make joint resolutions. Caring for a senior loved one can at times be challenging for both parties, and making a few heartfelt promises for 2015 can keep the relationship running smoothly. The senior care experts at Bloomfield Home Care Assistance recommend starting 2015 with the following 5 resolutions.

1. Be honest.
When caregiver and senior commit to total honesty, both can begin to relax and trust in each other’s abilities to speak up in difficult situations. Being honest and up front about challenges and concerns on either end can help both parties address and solve any difficulties.

2. Follow a schedule.
Staying focused and on task is important for both seniors and caregivers alike. Having a routine will help both parties feel comfortable in their roles, ensure important tasks—like taking medications and exercise—are completed, and will help seniors retain a sense of independence because they can focus on tasks they complete on their own.

3. Ask for help.
This is crucial for both caregivers as well as seniors. As a caregiver, if you need help or a respite, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional Bloomfield caregiver, and trust that the senior will be placed in other capable hands temporarily. It’s also important to help seniors understand it’s okay to ask for assistance and they shouldn’t concern themselves with looking helpless. It can be tough for seniors to ask for help, so help them understand the benefits of asking for help.

4. Be a good listener.
Listening to each other’s advice or concerns is an important part of the senior-caregiver relationship. If either one feels uncomfortable or as if their thoughts are unimportant to the other, valuable insight can be lost and communication can be severed.

5. Exercise patience.
Life often requires waiting periods, such as waiting for the caregiver or senior to follow through on requests or respond to guidance. Patience and good nature goes a long way in being supportive of the other person, especially during a busy season or when someone isn’t feeling his or her best.

In 2015, commit to a few simple resolutions that will help you and the senior you care for have the best year together thus far. If you need a period of respite, or your loved one needs more care than you can currently provide, consider an hourly or live-in caregiver in Bloomfield who can offer around-the-clock assistance to your loved one. Home Care Assistance thoroughly screens every caregiver, provides ongoing training so caregivers stay up-to-date on the latest care methods, and never requires you to sign a long-term contract. Call a Care Manager today at (248) 283-0835 to learn more about the services available near you.